The buffalo meat is considered to be a healthy inclusion in your diet by the nutritionist around the world because of it provides minerals, vitamins and proteins in abundance. It is believed that including buffalo meat in one portion of your diet every week helps in staying healthy. The buffalo meat also consist of crucial Amino Acids. Amino acids are a part of the protein that our body does not produce therefore its intake is important through food.

Omega 3 is an important fatty oil that our body requires to maintain the overall health. Buffalo meat contains a balanced ratio of not only Omega 3 but also Omega 6 which plays an essential role in the development of the brain.

Buffalo meat is considered to be healthier than other meat products like beef meat or chicken because of its lean properties. It is richer in flavor and lower in fat content than compared to the beef meat. Also, the buffalo meat is regarded as lean meat with far less calories when compared to pork meat, beef meat and even turkey. The reason why buffalo meat is healthier than chicken meat is because unlike chicken it is injected with hormone injection for rapid growth. Also, frozen buffalo meat does not include any preservatives or artificial colors. Buffalo meat is also cheaper than any other meat because it does not shrink while cooking thus maintaining its size and is satisfying.