Shipping Information

Shipping a frozen perishable is no easy feat. At Fab Agro, we invest a lot of effort and consideration into preparing the best frozen halal meat and it is absolutely imperative for us that the finished product reaches you in the same premium condition that it left in from the homeland. The shipping process in itself has many aspects and becomes a complicated affair to the uninitiated, but a quick look at the individual steps involved can help you get a clear picture of how your product gets to you.


The product is guaranteed to reach you in a frozen state. The preparations methods used by Fab Agro are designed and heavily tested in order to ensure that the product reaches you in perfect condition.
The preparation process involves slowly deep freezing the product to a temperature of ? 17?C. No preservatives added. The product can be maintained in this state for a guaranteed minimum shelf life of one year, but it must remain at the regulated temperature at all times. This means that the product has to be handled very carefully and maintained at required cooling.
The product, once cooled at Fab Agro?s local warehouses, is maintained at optimum cooling all the way along its journey ? at the port warehouse, at the port hangar, during transit, and at the destination warehouse where you will receive the product.


There are two packing options available, Individually Wrapped Packs (IWP) and Bulk Packs.

Individually Wrapped Packs: As the name suggests, the IWP packing system involves individual cuts being lumped together into respective cartons. So, a single carton in an IWP order will contain multiple units of the same cut.

Bulk Packs: Bulk Packs are a mixed bag. Bulk packing involves adding the various different cuts in the same carton. So, a single carton in a Bulk Packs order will have a mix of different cuts.

The cartons used for packaging and shipping come in two varieties ? Plain White Carton (PWC) and Brand Packing Carton.

Plain White Carton: A plain white carton is one that has a simple white exterior. It derives its name from the term ?white label?, used to signify products delivered without the provider?s branding.

Brand Packing Carton: A brand packing carton is, as the name suggests, branded. It carries the logo and/or name of the supplier.


Fab Agro sends the consignment to shipping partners to have the product loaded on to shipping containers. Once loaded, the containers are then dispatched. The consignment takes 20-30 days to reach the destination, depending on the location where it is being shipped. The product is maintained at prescribed cooling, humidity, environment at all times. Even after the consignment lands at the destination port, it is kept in above conditions. You can receive your consignment from the destination warehouse as soon as payments are cleared.