Our Responsibility

At Fab Agro, we understand that building a reliable business sustainably takes continuous effort. What you consume in a few hours or days takes decades to produce, and only the best environment-friendly practices can ensure that we can continue to serve you the quality you deserve. Corporate social responsibility is one of the foundation stones of our business model.

There are four major aspects, or areas of interest, that form our policy to ensure sustainable growth (and the commitment to be able to demonstrably monitor the same). These areas of interest are ? Animal Welfare, Sustainable Production, Consumer Health and Sanitation, and Employee Safety.
The sustainability practices of Fab Agro :


Animal Welfare

A successful animal welfare plan is one which is implemented right throughout the chain. Animals must be raised, housed, treated, cared for, transported, and fed with maximum care. From birth to slaughter, animals must be given a kind and stress-free environment to live their lives. India is one of the better countries in the world when it comes to treating animals with respect and humane care, but the limits can always be pushed and there is always room for improvement. Fab Agro focuses a lot on animal-friendly practices in all steps involved in the chain. This ensures that sustainability and animal welfare are not only planned, but also enforced admirably.


Sustainable Production

This has been one of the areas where a developing country like India has a giant room for improvement. India has been notorious for non-sustainable farming and animal husbandry methods in terms of energy consumption, water management, and usage of available space. But there has been tremendous growth in these areas, thanks to countries like Japan allying with the government and policy makers to help research and implement smarter, scientific methods to do things. Fab Agro believes in sustainable production practices very strongly, and local partners are amongst the most advanced and sustainable meat suppliers with low carbon footprint and high overall efficiency.


Consumer Health and Sanitation

As a meat trader, we place immense focus on food safety. Consumers and customers deserve to get the best quality, and they must be able to trust Fab Agro?s products and processes. We have strong quality assessment ethics and reliable processes in place to achieve that exactly. Quality checks are standard procedure at all stages of production and processing of meat. Qualified experts perform multiple rigorous quality checks in order to ensure that you receive the best product. Post mortem examination of the product is done by highly qualified veterinary doctors to ensure that health and sanitation measures have been properly followed and the product is of desired quality.


Employee Safety

Human resource is the most important resource for any organisation. Fab Agro leaves no stone unturned in order to ensure that a safe working environment is provided to the amazing men and women working for us. The employee safety standards are not just limited to Fab Agro, but one of the basic mandatory compliance requirements that all local partners have to abide by. Good basic training and precaution implementation are important and taken very seriously. Fab Agro believes in the idea that a good product can only be produced by people who are provided with a good working environment, where they can operate adequately and safely. This facilitates sustainable production and development.