The livestock population in India is about 88 million buffaloes accounting to 58 percent of the world?s population. The domestic livestock which is used by the Indian population includes animals like goat, pigs and poultry. India has a total of approximately 3600 slaughter houses excluding the modern abattoirs and the integrated abattoir meat processing plant that slaughter buffaloes for international as well as domestic consumption. If we talk about actual numbers, there are about 24 buffalo meat processing plants that are mainly absorbed in exporting hundred percent of their production in international exports. Besides these slaughter houses, there are many casing unit that facilitate cleaning, grading and exporting sheep and goat meat. Three new meat processing plants have been approved by the APEDA (Agricultural and Processed Food Products Exports Development Authority) in the past one year.

The individual products that are offered by the sub head are as follows:
1. Fresh Animals
2. Boneless Buffalo Meat
3. Caracas of the Indian Buffalo
4. Frozen Buffalo Meat
5. Buffalo Meat with Bone
6. Frozen Boneless Buffalo Meat

The areas where the Buffalo Meat production takes place are Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra(majorly Mumbai) and Punjab. According to the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Exports Development Authority(APEDA), India has by far exported 14,75,526 Metric Ton of Buffalo Meat products to the world which are worth 29,282.60 crores. India majorly exports to countries like Vietnam, Social Republic of Malaysia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Jordon, Lebanon, Dubai, Sharjah, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Iran and Iraq.