Halal is the Arabic word which means something that is permissible. Halal food has been gaining reputation all across the globe for the advantages that it holds. It is believed that Halal method of slaughtering is much more tender and less inhumane than the conventional method.

Let’s discuss why have people in almost all the countries are beginning to prefer Halal food over conventional meat. To understand this, we must know how animals are slaughtered in the Halal process. The animals which has to be slaughtered should be facing the Qibla i.e. the direction where Muslims pray in the salat. This direction particularly fixed as the Kaaba of the Mecca, the holy pilgrimage for all the muslims. The animal is then slaughtered while calling out the name of the almighty Allah. The process is carried by slitting the neck of the animal in one swift movement cutting through the veins, arteries, trachea and oesophagus at once. The scientific reason behind this is the blood from animal is drained at once leaving behind all the germs and bacterias that could be harmful for human consumption. This process is also believed to be less torturous and sane than the conventional method in which the animals neck is separated from the body in one hard movement of the knife.

Th Halal meat should be abided by some rules. One of them explains that the animal must show some movement during slaughtering to prove that its still alive. There is no advantage of carrying out the Halal process if the animals has already died. The blood from the animal’s body does not drain out if the animal is dead during the Halal process.

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