Our Export Products

Fab Agro facilitates the export of frozen halal meat?from?India, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand. These meats cuts are supplied by leading meat?producing/exporting slaughter cum processing factories. Halal meat has become very popular meat throughout the world. These products are available for export throughout the world. Fab Agro is currently serving a list of most Asian, Middle East and European countries. Our partner factories have been licensed to produce meat products for countries across the globe. Our accredited partners are well equipped with latest machinery and expert professionals and butchers who have immense knowledge of their respective meat production.

Nutritional value:

Protein?Helps build a strong and muscular body
Zinc?Helps creates healthy immune system & heal wounds
Phosphorus?Necessary for strong teeth and bones
Iron? Helps carry oxygen in the blood to all cells and muscles to prevent fatigue
B-Complex Vitamins (including Vitamin B12, Niacin, Vitamin B6 and Riboflavin)?Help release energy from food.