Export to Uzbekistan

Export Halal Buffalo Meat to Uzbekistan
Frozen halal buffalo meat and veal meat is one of the popular food products that are imported by Uzbekistan in abundance every year. Every year, Indian Meat Exporters are supplying buffalo and veal meat to this country through the Bandar Abbas Port in Iran, owing to the fact that Uzbekistan does not have a port. This country has been importing buffalo meat for over 25 years. Fab Agro is one of biggest aggregator of frozen halal buffalo meat and veal meat products to Uzbekistan from popular slaughterhouses in India. The slaughterhouses that we partner with, are fully equipped with modern machineries from deboning to packing the product. The staff that our partner factories hires are professionally trained before they start working in the core process. All the production takes place in the supervision of managers ensuring quality of the product. Besides the local staff being available in the factories to look after the production, our quality checkers are implanted in all the factories where the production of our clients take place. The quality checkers train the staff to carry out production according to the preference of the clients.

Product Specification
All the products that are produced in our partner factories are unquestionably hygienic. The animals are well tested by government veterinary officers to avoid any animal diseases to spread in the entire production. The microbiologists hired by the factories make sure that animals are disease free and bacteria free. The male animals that are old or the female animals that no longer produce milk are permissibly butchered as per the Halal Islamic Rites.

1. Most meats cut either weight 20 kg or 25 kg.
2. The products are packed in IWP packing by vacuum process. These products are then wrapped in plain white cartons. Each carton contains 4-5 product cuts.
3. The products are stored in cold stores in a minimum temperature of -17 degrees, as advices by the government.
4. The shelf life of the buffalo meat or veal meat product is one year.

The customers can request printed cartons that our factories produce or ask for their company branded cartons.

Frozen Halal Buffalo & Veal Meat from Fab Agro
Fab Agro is among top aggregators of buffalo meat and veal meat in India that helps its customers to attain smooth export of their products without worrying about the quality of the production. Our quality checkers are experienced and professionally trained to make sure that the production takes place as per international standards. Our client list includes popular five-star food restaurants, multinational fast food chains and local traders in China, Vietnam, Thailand, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, CIS countries and Malaysia. We seize the best prices possible from the slaughterhouses to our customers.

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