Export to Turkmenistan

Export Halal Buffalo Meat to Turkmenistan
Turkmenistan is one of the countries that makes the Commonwealth of Independent States. The country consists of vast dessert due to which all the export happens either through the Bandar Abbas port in Iran or Poti port in Georgia. Indian Meat Exporters have been exporting frozen buffalo trimmings, forequarter roles and hindquarter to Turkmenistan from almost a decade now. Being the number of facilitator of frozen halal buffalo meat export, Fab Agro has clients spread across the CIS countries that regularly place orders with us for smooth export operations of their product. We have partner factories all across India that are popular for exporting frozen buffalo meat to Turkmenistan. The slaughterhouses, in collaboration with us, are well equipped with modern machineries for slaughtering, deboning, packing and other important apparatus.

Product Specification
The frozen halal buffalo meat products are manufactured in our partner factories are undoubtedly hygienic and good quality. Before the process of slaughtering of the animal is carried out, the animals are tested by government veterinary officers. This process helps to detect diseases or germs, if any, in all the animals during the examination. The regulatory authority that monitors the slaughterhouses has laid down rules for the slaughter process. Male animals and female animals that do not produce milk are allowed to be butchered by the slaughterhouses. The animals are slaughtered using Halal Islamic Rites.

1. The frozen buffalo meat cuts weigh 20 kg to 25 kg.
2. All the meat cuts are prepared in IWP packing by vacuum process. The products are packed in IWP packing by vacuum process.
3. These products are then wrapped in plain white cartons. Each carton contains 4-5 product cuts.
4. The products are stored in cold stores in a minimum temperature of -17 degrees, as advices by the government.
5. The shelf life of the buffalo meat or veal meat product is one year.

Frozen Halal Buffalo & Veal Meat from Fab Agro
Frozen Halal Buffalo Meat products are very popular in CIS countries from India. Fab Agro has been successfully facilitating the export of frozen buffalo meat products in Turkmenistan. We have quality checkers implanted in all our partner factories who ensure that our customers receive the best quality meat products from India. We have a long list of clients from the CIS countries that use our frozen halal buffalo meat cuts in five-star restaurants chains and fastfood chains.
Our local traders are based in China, Vietnam, Thailand, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, CIS countries and Malaysia. We seize the best prices possible from the slaughterhouses to our customers.

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