Export to Turkey

Export Frozen Buffalo Meat to Turkey
Turkey is famous all the delicious Doner Kebabs, Shish Kebab, Pottery Kebab and other mouthwatering dishes. Halal buffalo meat is popularly used in preparing these delectable dishes. Indian Frozen Halal Buffalo Meat has been used by many popular local and international food chains in Turkey. With an upholding of various existing clients in Turkey, Fab Agro has been successfully facilitating the export of buffalo meat from India to Turkey, providing smooth operation for the export buffalo meat. Our alliance with premium slaughterhouses helps us in procuring the finest quality frozen halal buffalo meat for our clients. The quality of Indian Buffalo Meat is currently being admired by multiple nations across Middle East countries, CIS countries and Asian countries.

Packaging Details of Frozen Buffalo Meat
The animals that are procured by our partner factories are reared in organic farms to make sure that the animals grow out to be healthy when they finally on the table for people to consume. The government positioned a set of rules and regulations that are too be followed when the slaughterhouses select animals for butchering. Usually, water buffaloes that are male and old or the female buffaloes that have stopped producing milk are approved for slaughtering. The cuts are coached by expert butchers as per international standards.

1. The products are packed in plain white cartons or in brand packaging.
2. The packing of the products is done using plastic sheets in IWP (Individually Wrapped Pack)
3. Each carton weighs about 20/25 kg, depending upon the product type.
4. The product delivered are frozen at -17 degrees after they?re packed and shipped to the port.

Fab Agro: Facilitator of Frozen Buffalo Meat to Turkey
Fab Agro is a leading exporter of Frozen Halal Buffalo Meat from India to Turkey. All the factories that work with us in an alliance are registered under the regulatory authority called APEDA (The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority). The factory production is supervised by our Quality Checkers who ensure the best quality production to the clients.

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