Export to Thailand

Export Frozen Halal Buffalo Meat to Thailand
Thailand is famous for its famous buffalo meat salad and beef curry that is savored by the local populations and the tourists as well. The demand of boneless halal frozen buffalo meat in Thailand has never really shrunk, for reasons that the places is quite famous as tourist spot. Buffalo meat is one of the most consumed meat product in Thailand, used in many local as well as eminent restaurants in the country. Buffalo meat steaks, curries, soups and many other recipes use boneless buffalo meat for preparing these delicacies.

Packing Description
Our partner factories procure all the animals that are raised in organic farms, ensuring healthy life of the animals. The buffalo meat eventually turns out to be perfect food for people when it comes on the table. All our partner factories slaughter animals according to guidelines provided by the government; the male animals that are old and the female animals that have stopped producing milk are slaughtered according to the Halal Islamic Rites.

1.???The meat cuts are produced as per international standards or as per the guidelines provided by the government and packed in
plain white cartons or in brand packaging.
2.???Each cut is packed in plastic sheets in IWP (Individually Wrapped Pack)
3.???Each carton weighs about 20/25 kg, depending upon the product type.
4.???The product delivered are frozen at -17 degrees after they?re packed and shipped to the port.

Fab Agro: Facilitator of Frozen Buffalo Meat to Thailand
Fab Agro is one of the most renowned aggregator that smoothens the process of exporting buffalo meat from India to Thailand. Our team ensures that our customers experience in buying boneless halal buffalo meat is absolutely effortless. Our partner factories are recognized all around the Asian countries, middle east countries and other approved countries for providing best quality buffalo meat to Thailand.

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