Export to Saudi Arabia

Frozen Halal Buffalo Meat Manufacturers to Saudi Arabia
India has been exporting Halal Buffalo Meat to several countries in the world. One of our major importer of frozen buffalo meat is Saudi Arabia. We are the largest facilitator of frozen halal meat in the world. Our partner factories are approved by the Saudi government to export genuine halal meat to Jeddah Islamic Port. The Halal Meat Suppliers in India have deployed experienced butchers that are specifically hired to carry out the halal procedure of slaughtering. The Meat Exporters hire professional butchers particularly to carry out the process of slaughtering through the Halal procedure.

Slaughtering Procedure by Halal Buffalo Meat Exports
The frozen halal meat production includes three stages:

1. The rearing of the animal by the farmer.
2. The second stage involves in selling the unproductive animals to the traders or to the abattoirs directly.
3. The third stage includes processing of the animal meat in the slaughterhouses.

The animals are duly examined by the government veterinary officer after it reaches the abattoir. A complete check up of the animal is carried for 24 hours after which the animals are slaughtered as per Hilal Islamic Rites. The animal carcass is butchered into frozen meat product as per international standards.

Frozen Halal Buffalo Meat from Fab Agro
Fab Agro is one of the most prominent facilitator of Frozen Halal Buffalo Meat to export to Saudi Arabia. Our partner factories have been recognized for producing best quality halal meat for consumption in fast food chains and multinational hotel chains. Our team works together in attaining the best quality buffalo meat production for its customers. We also make sure that besides supplying good quality buffalo meat to our customer, we also offer the most competitive rates to our customers.

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