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Export Frozen Halal Buffalo Meat to Qatar
Qatar is amongst the most developed countries in the Middle countries. People across Asian countries have been moving to Qatar to settle down or to find work. This country has been importing popular products such as Buffalo Hindquarter, Tenderloin, Slices, Tendons, Cube Rolls, Trimmings and many other products for local and commercial consumption. Tons of boneless halal buffalo meat is exported from India to Qatar every day; the number only increases. The reason that owes to massive import of Frozen Indian Buffalo Meat to Qatar is that the quality of Indian meat is excellently and stable. The prices of buffalo meat from India are extremely competitive as compared to the other markets.

Product Description
The products such as buffalo tenderloin are wrapped individually using the IWP technique. Hind quarter on the other hand is packed together in a plastic wrap that contain 2-3 pieces. Fab Agro has partner slaughterhouses all across India that are recognized for producing world best quality for its customers across the globe. Our job is to make sure that the customer receives products they were promised and the quality stands out. Keeping the quality standards in mind, all our partner factories adhere to the rules and regulation provided by the regulatory authority of India called APEDA. The animals are slaughtered by professional butchers by Halal method.

1. The meat cuts are produced as per international standards or as per the guidelines provided by the government and packed in plain white cartons or in brand packaging.
2. Each cut is packed in plastic sheets in IWP (Individually Wrapped Pack)
3. Each carton weighs about 20/25 kg, depending upon the product type.
4. The product delivered are frozen at -17 degrees after they?re packed and shipped to the port.

Fab Agro: Aggregator of Frozen Buffalo Halal Meat
Fab Agro is amongst the top aggregator of frozen halal buffalo meat from India that makes it easy for its customers to find the finest quality buffalo meat that suits their requirement. Our aim is to make sure that we provide good quality products delivered to the Doha Port without any hassle. Our quality checkers are implanted in all our partner factories to ensure that the quality of the products is excellent.

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