Export to Oman

Export Halal Buffalo Meat to Turkmenistan
Oman is popular for its delicious curries and biryanis that attracts the locals as well the western nationals. The mouthwatering Muqalab that involves slow cooking of buffalo tripe is very famous in this country.
Oman has been receiving its major frozen buffalo meat export from India. Indian Frozen Buffalo Meat is consumed by massive restaurants and local outlets for the preparation of their famous dishes. The export to Oman from India has been rising from the past few years. The reason that owes to this factor is the competitive prices provided by the Indian meat exporters. We have tie ups with premium factories across India that produce excellent quality buffalo meat for export to Asian, CIS, Middle east and various other countries.

Product Details
All the products are freshly produce by the factories under expert supervision of the factory managers and quality checkers from Fab Agro. The cuts are prepared as per international standards or as per the requirements of the customers/market. The products are frozen and have a shelf life of 1 year ? 3 years, depending on the product. The minimum quantity required for any order is 28 metric tons that is shipped through major ports in India. The products are packed in Individually Wrapped Packs. Self-brand cartons are also printed if the customers wish to get their production packed in their brand names. Following are product specification:

1. Certification: HACCP, ISO, EEC, FDA, HALAL, HEALTH
2. Style: Frozen
3. Packing: IWP (Individually Wrapped Pack)
4. Weight / Piece: 20/25 Kilograms
5. Boxes Used: White carton / Company Brand / Self Branding

Fab Agro: Facilitator of Frozen Halal Meat Export
Fab Agro is one of the most renowned aggregator of frozen buffalo meat export to countries such as China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Mauritius, Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Maldives, Egypt and many other countries. Our long list of clients includes multinational food-chains or companies that own massive cold stores in these countries. The products exported by our partner factories are not good in quality but also are prepared in the most hygienic conditions possible. We aim to make the entire process of buying Indian frozen halal buffalo meat for our clients much smoother and tension free. We take care of the quality of the products as well the delivery and payments options that can be made available to the customers.

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