Export to Maldives

Frozen Halal Meat Manufacturers to Maldives
The Indian Meat Suppliers have been exporting frozen buffalo meat and frozen chicken meat to Maldives on a large scale since more than a decade. Our team is dedicated to help our customers export frozen buffalo meat from India to Maldives. Fab Agro is one of the biggest aggregator of frozen halal buffalo meat and chicken meat in India currently. Our partner factories have been approved to supply buffalo meat to Maldives at the Male port. Our partner factories are fully equipped with modern slaughter machinery and expert butchers to carry out the halal process in the most systematic manner. We have implanted quality checkers at all our partner factories to ensure good quality to be delivered to our customers.

Slaughtering Procedure by Halal Meat Exports
The factories associated with us carry out the frozen halal meat process in the following stages:

1. The animal is reared in organic farm under supervision of the farmers and local staff.
2. The government allows slaughtering of old male animals and female animals that have stopped producing milk. These animals are then sold to the traders to further sell them for slaughtering in slaughterhouses.
3. The animals are then slaughtered as per Halal Islamic Rites and processed for meat cuts by butchers.

All the animals are pre examined by a government veterinary officer before its prepared to be slaughtered and processed for frozen meat products. The animals go through a complete checkup for 24 hours for the checkup.

Frozen Halal Meat from Fab Agro
Import frozen halal buffalo meat and chicken meat from India to Maldives with Fab Agro. All our associated factories are renowned for the excellent quality that they produce. Our meat products are used by five star chains and multinational fast food chains in Maldives. We ensure that the customers gets the best price for the product that is required by them along with excellent quality.

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