Export to Malaysia

Export Frozen Halal Buffalo Meat to Malaysia
Every year, Malaysia imports large quantities of Frozen Halal Buffalo Meat from India. Malaysia is one of the biggest importer of buffalo meat for the Indian buffalo industry. Very few factories have been approved to export boneless buffalo meat to this country, considering the quality of the products. The factories are speculated on the basis of machinery, hygiene and health of the animal prior to giving them approval for shipping buffalo meat products to Malaysia. Fab Agro is one of the top aggregator of buffalo meat that goes from India to Malaysia. Few of our partner factories are approved for exporting buffalo meat to this country after receiving the approval from a team of delegates. Malaysia imports all prime meat cuts that include Topside, Rumpsteak, Blade, Shank, Chuck Tender, Tenderloin, Flank and Brisket Fat.

Packaging Details
The products are cut as per the specification given by the customer. The meats cuts are prepared as per international standards and henceforth wrapped in plastic wraps, using vacuum technology. All the animals are slaughtered using the Halal Islamic Rites by professional and experienced butchers. The animals are examined by a government veterinary officer before they proceed for slaughtering. A specialized microbiologist examines the animals body for virus and bacteria, if any, to ensure that the animal is completely healthy for consumption. The products packed in printed cartons, self-branded by the customer or company cartons.

Fab Agro: Facilitator of Frozen Halal Buffalo Meat to Malaysia
Fab Agro works towards achieving complete customer satisfaction by facilitating the export of frozen halal buffalo meat from India to Malaysia. Our clients based in Malaysia are regularly importing buffalo meat through us to avoid unnecessary hassle such as quality issues and delivery delays. We make sure that we seize the best prices possible for our customers and help them select the finest quality products from our partner factories.

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