Export to Lebonan

Halal Meat Manufacturers to Lebanon
Lebanon has been importing large amount of frozen halal buffalo meat products from Indian Meat Exporters from many years. Fab Agro is a part of major exports that take place from Lebanon to India as a facilitator of frozen buffalo meat for smooth operations. Our partner factories are approved by the Lebanon government for all buffalo meat exports through delegation. Most of the meat exports that is shipped from India to Lebanon is directed to the Beirut port. The estimated time of delivery is approximately one month and the shelf life of the meat products is one year. The animals are duly examined and pre checked by the government veterinary officer. Our quality checkers are implanted in all our partner factories during production and packaging process.

Slaughtering Procedure by Halal Meat Exports
All the factories that are associated with us carry the following halal meat process for production:

1. The animals that are selected to be butchered by the slaughterhouses are reared in organic farms lifelong and supervised by local staff member.
2. APEDA is the regulatory authority of India that allows old male animals and female animals that have stopped producing milk to be slaughtered as per Halal Islamic Rites.
3. The animals are pre examined by the in house animals doctors and kept under before the slaughtering takes place.

Frozen Halal Meat from Fab Agro
Importing Frozen Halal Buffalo Meat has never been easier. Our team finds the best buffalo slaughterhouse for our clients and seizes the competitive prices that they can find in the market. Our associate factories are known to produce good quality meat that matched international standards. The products are packed using vacuum plastic bags in IWP. The animals are kept under observation for 24 hours before they are prepared for halal slaughtering. Fab Agro is one of the top aggregator of Frozen Halal Buffalo Meat that helps to smoothen the entire process of exporting buffalo meat from India to Lebanon.

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