Export to Kyrgyzstan

Export Halal Buffalo Meat to Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyzstan is popular for importing frozen buffalo and veal products. One of the largest importers of the frozen halal buffalo meat and veal products is India which ships tons of boneless buffalo meat products to Kyrgyzstan every year. Fab Agro has many clients in Kyrgyzstan that are importing Indian frozen buffalo meat every year. The factories associated with us are known for producing excellent quality buffalo meat products. All our partner factories are fully upgraded in terms of machineries and other slaughtering equipment. The products are produced in absolutely hygienic conditions by professional butchers under the supervision of managerial experts. The animals are slaughtered using the Halal method to ensure healthy meat cuts to our clients. In addition to the local staff being available in the factories to produce premium quality products, our quality checkers are present in all our partner factories where the production of our clients takes place, ensuring perfect meat cuts being prepared under supervision. The quality checkers are experienced with products that are produced as per international standards

Product Specification
All our partner factories are registered under the regulatory authority that monitors the factory activities. The products are unquestionably hygienic and free from any sort of diseases. Every animal before being slaughtered for further production is tested by government veterinary officer as well as a microbiologist to make sure that the animal is free from any kind of virus, bacteria or disease that could hamper the health of the end consumer.

1.???Most meats cut either weight 20 kg or 25 kg.
2.???The products are packed in IWP packing by vacuum process. These products are then wrapped in plain white cartons. Each carton contains 4-5 product cuts.
3.???The products are stored in cold stores in a minimum temperature of -17 degrees, as advices by the government.
4.???The shelf life of the buffalo meat or veal meat product is one year.

The customers can request printed cartons that our factories produce or ask for their company branded cartons.

Frozen Halal Buffalo & Veal Meat from Fab Agro
Our team is amongst the top aggregators of buffalo meat and veal meat in India. We enable our customers to attain complete satisfaction after they have placed an order with us. Our operations involve, selecting the right factory for our customers where the products will be prepared, seizing the most competitive prices for our customers and helping the factories to maintain quality of their products. Our client list includes popular five-star food restaurants, multinational fast food chains and local traders in China, Vietnam, Thailand, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, CIS countries and Malaysia. We seize the best prices possible from the slaughterhouses to our customers.

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