Export to Kuwait

Export Halal Buffalo Meat to Kuwait
Kuwait majorly imports boneless halal buffalo slices, buffalo trimmings buffalo topside and silver side, veal leg and bobby veal from India and other buffalo meat exporting countries. Fab Agro has many clients in Kuwait who deal in these cuts for local consumption in popular restaurant chains and processed food preparations such as sausages and ham slices. Our partner factories are licensed slaughter cum processing chains in India that help us to deliver the best quality frozen halal buffalo meat products to our clients seeking for buffalo meat cuts that are good quality and available at competitive prices.

Product Specification
The products are available in 98% vl, 95% vl and 93% vl for different clients. The meat cuts are made according as per international standards and packed using the IWP packing technique; the cuts are individually wrapped using clean polythene bags. The animals are raised in organic farms for their health maintenance. The animals are kept under observation for 24 hours before the slaughtering so that the meat products are free from all the diseases and virus.

1. Certification: HACCP, ISO, EEC, FDA, HALAL, HEALTH
2. Style: Frozen
3. Packing: IWP (Individually Wrapped Pack)
4. Weight / Piece: 20/25 Kilograms
5. Boxes Used: White carton / Company Brand / Self Branding

Fab Agro: Facilitator of Frozen Halal Meat Export
Our team aims at providing smooth operations for buffalo meat export to Kuwait. Fab Agro helps its customers to select quality products from our long list of partner factories and render professional services to our customer. Our partner factories are equipped with latest machinery for slaughtering, deboning and other process involved in preparing buffalo meat cuts.

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