Export to Jordan

Export Halal Buffalo Meat to Jordan
Jordan is popular for its mouthwatering shish kebabs,Kibbeh Bi Laban, Maqluba, mansaf and various other dishes that comprises of juicy boneless chunks of buffalo meat that melts in your mouth. India has been exporting frozen halal buffalo meat to Jordan from over a decade now. The export of Indian Frozen buffalo meat has seen massive growth because of its nutritional properties. The meat cuts are absolutely lean, low on calories and high on protein. The buffalo meat from Indian contains much more vitamins and minerals when compared to beef. Fab Agro is one of the leading aggregator of buffalo meat that has its clients in Egypt, Malaysia, Vietnam, Jordan, KSA & Philippines and many countries around the world because of its nutritional values. Our partner factories prepare the finest quality meats cuts that are prepared for producing processed foods and fresh food delicacies.

Product Specifications
All the products are freshly produce by the factories under expert supervision of the factory managers and quality checkers from Fab Agro. The cuts are prepared as per international standards or as per the requirements of the customers/market. The products are frozen and have a shelf life of 1 year ? 3 years, depending on the product. The minimum quantity required for any order is 28 metric tons that is shipped through major ports in India. The products are packed in Individually Wrapped Packs. Self-brand cartons are also printed if the customers wish to get their production packed in their brand names. Following are product specification:

1. Certification: HACCP, ISO, EEC, FDA, HALAL, HEALTH
2. Style: Frozen
3. Packing: IWP (Individually Wrapped Pack)
4. Weight / Piece: 20/25 Kilograms
5. Boxes Used: White carton / Company Brand / Self Branding

Fab Agro: Facilitator of Frozen Halal Meat Exports
Fab Agro is recognized for providing excellent services for the export of Frozen Halal Buffalo Meat from India. Our aim is to provide smooth export of Indian buffalo meat to the customers without going through any hassle. Our team comprises of customer care representatives who are available to resolve your issues at any hour of the day, quality checkers who take care of the quality of products manufactured in our partner factories and managers who are responsible for timely deliveries and other grievances.

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