Export to Iran

Export Frozen Buffalo to Iran
Iran has been importing frozen halal buffalo meat from India. Fab Agro helps its customers based in Iran to facilitate the production and shipment of frozen buffalo meat from Indian Slaughterhouses. Our partner factories produce the finest quality buffalo meat that is produced under expert supervision. We seize the most competitive prices for our customers, which is the main reason for the popularity of our products. The Indian Meat Industry has been growing because of its increased popularity in many countries around the world.

Packaging Details of Frozen Buffalo Meat
The packing of our frozen buffalo meat products takes place by expert packers under supervision by the professionals. Our partner factories are registered under the regulatory authority called APEDA that formulates rules and regulation under which factories function. Before the slaughtering takes place, the animals are examined by a government veterinary officer to ensure perfect health of the animal. All the cuts are prepared as per international standards. Following are the specification according to which the products are packed:

1. The products are packed in plain white cartons or in brand packaging.
2. The packing of the products is done using plastic sheets in IWP (Individually Wrapped Pack)
3. Each carton weighs about 20/25 kg, depending upon the product type.
4. The product delivered are frozen at -17 degrees after they?re packed and shipped to the port.

Fab Agro: Facilitator of Frozen Buffalo Meat to Iran
Our team at Fab Agro enables our customers from India to Iran to help them select the best factory in India that can manufacture buffalo meat products for them. Our partner factories are registered under the regulatory authority of India that monitors the production inside the factory. We have our Quality checkers that are planted in the factories to check the quality of production. All the animals are slaughtered as per the Halal method of slaughtering and are registered under Halal Certification. These factories are perfectly modernized and production takes place in hygienic conditions.

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