Export to Egypt

Frozen Meat Exporters
India is the top exporters of all type of meat cuts in the world and are licensed export to Egypt in the recent years. The reason owing to the rapid growth of frozen meat industry is the quality of the meat provided by Frozen Halal Buffalo Meat Suppliers at the most competitive prices. Fab Agro is amongst prominent facilitator of frozen meat from India. Our motive is to provide the best rates to our customers with no compromise on the quality of the product. We extend our services to our customers to the extend of supporting them if the are any issues with the quality, delivery or transportation of the products.

Specification of Frozen Halal Meat
Guideline have been provided by the regulatory authorities of the respective slaughterhouses for the production of halal meat cuts in Frozen Meat Factories:

1. The animals are examined by a government veterinary officer to ensure if the animal is fit for slaughtering.
2. After a thorough examination, the buffaloes are kept under supervision for 24 hours to check the health.
3. The animal meat cuts are packed in either plain cartons boxes or in brand packaging printed boxes as requested by the customer. Each cut is packed carefully in IWP i.e. Individually Wrapped Pack in transparent poly bags.

The minimum order comprises of one shipping container of 28 tons that can be exported to Egypt and be prepared by one individual cut or the container can contain mixed load of buffalo cuts. The price that we offer is inclusive of shipping cost along with insurance of the product.

Fab Agro: Pioneer of Frozen Halal Buffalo Meat Export
Fab Agro partners with the prominent Halal Meat Suppliers keeping in mind that the world is moving towards consuming halal buffalo meat in today’s world. Halal meat is considered one of the healthiest of frozen and fresh meat that exists today. We make sure that our customers get genuine supply of buffalo meat that are slaughtered as per the halal islamic rites. Our partner factories are duly approved by the regulatory authorities that holds inspection every few months to keep a check on the health of the animals as well the condition of the factory. We have Quality Checkers implanted in the factories that take great care while the production of our customers is in process.

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