Export to Armenia

Export Frozen Chicken from Brazil to Armenia
Brazil is the one of the top manufacturers of chicken meat in the world, with license to export to almost all the countries that import frozen halal chicken meat. It is believed that approximately 32% of the chicken meat is exported in brazil, yet its amongst the top 5 producers of chicken meat in the world. Brazil Chicken industry works around the integrated system of production that was laid down in 1960?s. The production takes place in an environment friendly conditions. The farmers are given 100% support by agronomists and veterinary officers who educate the farmers about chicken feed and medications. We at Fab Agro smoothen the process of exporting chicken meat from Brazil to Armenia.

Chicken Meat Products from Brazil
The poultry farmers are trained to raise the chickens in the best conditions possible according to the animal welfare guidelines, biosecurity and animal health procedures. The quality checkers at Fab Agro along with factory quality professionals ensure that the meat products are as per international standards and completely hygienic. The use of hormone is strictly banned in the poultry farming. The entire production is monitored by National Control Plan of Residues and Contaminants from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply.

Export Brazilian Chicken Meat from Fab Agro
Fab Agro is one of biggest aggregator of buffalo and chicken meat that can exported from Brazil to Armenia. We have our quality checkers implanted in the factories where the production of our clients take place. This is to ensure that the best quality is delivered to our customers. We seize the best prices possible for all the chicken products such as whole chicken with skin, whole chicken skinless, chicken feet, chicken wings, chicken heart, chicken lives, chicken tendons and many more.

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