Halal food means the type food that is permissible in Islamic religion. The animals that are slaughtered through Halal Islamic rites are believed to live a unadulterated life from the time they are born. It is important for the animals to live a health life from time they are born so that they can be brought on the table as food. There are various theories that are involved in the process of slaughtering an animals through Halal procedure; one for example is that the animals must have a healthy eating life which means that it must have access to fresh air, ample food and a space where it can move around till the time it prepared to be slaughtered.

The animal that is sacrificed with Halal process is supposed to make very good food for the humans. This is because the blood from the animal leaves its body once its slaughtered. When the blood is drained off from the animal’s body, every the bacteria and almost all viruses are also removed from the animal. The meat produced through Halal slaughtering is ought to be very hygienic as compared to the conventional meat. Halal meat is proven to be more tender because the blood does not freeze in the animal’s body. As a result, the meat is soft and tender and much more tastier than conventional meat. The blood freezes in the body of the animal if its killed by conventional (Jhatka) method or if its given electrical shock before its slaughtered. The blood in this case does not leave the body of the animal which leads to the meat being more exposed to viruses causing diseases. This may not be a very healthy way of buffalo meat consumption. Halal meat is less painful for the animal and therefore considered to be more humane than the other method of killing the animal.