Frozen Halal Meat Exporters

Fab Agro brings to you the best quality Buffalo Meat products from exporters across India to be successfully delivered at your destination.

About?Fab Agro

Fab Agro is well associated with prominent exporters of Frozen Halal Meat Exporters from India, Australia, Brazil and New Zealand, recognized for producing and supplying the best fresh and frozen buffalo meat. We ensure that all the factories are equipped with the newest machinery and qualified staff to carry out the all the procedures which includes slaughtering of the animals, making the most perfect cuts to packing the final product in the most hygienic conditions. The government makes sure that skilled and experienced veterinary doctors conduct the post mortem inspections of the raw material before it’s packed. All the plants are first approved by a regulatory authority of the respective countries from where the exporters belong. Fab Agro has been working with clients from around?the world such as Vietnam, China, Thailand, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Lebanon and many more.

Why Us?

Fab Agro is the?leading facilitator of frozen halal boneless meat. We are well connected with various exporters from India, Australia, Brazil and New Zealand,?roping in major slaughter-cum-meat processing meat plants. The quality measures are carried out by a team of Quality Checkers who monitor the production and?ensure that the finest quality products are delivered to our customers. Our team organises A grade quality frozen buffalo meat?and also squeeze the most competitive prices from these factories. We assure the facilitation of the Frozen Halal?Meat which includes complete quality check till the product is shipped to the final destination.


How are products packed?

The packaging of all the cuts is carried out by qualified packers under expert supervision. All the animals across the partner plants are primarily examined by a qualified microbiologist and henceforth inspected by government veterinary doctors so that the cuts produced and packed are as per international standards. The animals which do not meet the desired standards are rejected and the approved animals are slaughtered according to the Halal Islamic rites. After slaughtering the animals, the cuts are made according to the standards of the industry. The packaging of the products is then carried in the most hygienic conditions as per the customer requirement. All the cuts are kept in freezing units before packing.

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